Carter Co., Kentucky - Cemetery Records

Curry Family Cemetery Records - Carter County, Kentucky

The following cemetery records were located at the URL/web site listed below on 3/19/98:

Carter County Cemetery Index

I received permission from Don Meenach to abstract the Curry records from this list. The site listed above is supposed to contain nearly 90% of all burials in Carter County, Kentucky. Right now it consists of alphabetical listings of each grave. Don is currently in the process of grouping them by cemetery also, but that may take a while (nearly 20,000 names). He will eventually "tidy up" the listings here too, but that's quite a ways down the road, unless someone else wants to help. Once again, thanks to Don Meenach for the list.

The first column in the listings is the name, the second is the dates on the stone, and the last column is the cemetery in which the stone is located.

Curry, HellnaFeb 8,1810-Aug 15,1887Anglin
Curry, Henry M.Mar 30, 1818-Apr 25,1865 Anglin
Ramey, WilliamOct 19, 1835-Apr 17, 1925Ratcliff
Ramsey, Russell J.Sep 3, 1883-Oct 30, 1911Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Alice w/E.F.Aug 24,1852-Mar 19, 1883Tabor
Ratcliff, ArthurOct 6,1893-Oct 6,1894Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Arthur s/M.K. & Sarah Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Bertha B. d/M.K. & S.H. RatcliffRatcliff
Ratcliff, Bertha B.Sep 26, 1886-Nov 10,1890Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Edd1889-1946Grayson
Ratcliff, Elizabeth w/Jacob S.1859-1939Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Essie M.Dec 7,1887-Apr 4,1903Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Ethel L.Oct 22,1884-Jun 8,1900Ratcliff
Ratcliff, HenryJul 18,1888-Jan 1,1903Ratcliff
Ratcliff, IsaacMar 4, 1832-Mar 1, 1898Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Jacob S. h/Elizabeth1854-1933Ratcliff
Ratcliff, James M.Aug 14,1910-Aug 26,1913Clark
Ratcliff, JohnMar 11,1827-Mar 3,1892Ratcliff
Ratcliff, John T. h/Sarah datesRatcliff
Ratcliff, Lee AnnJul 9, 1955-Mar 9, 1968Grayson
Ratcliff, Moses K.Aug 10,1849-Jul 22,1921Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Sarah H. w/M.K.Jan 24, 1856-Jun 1,1901Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Sarah Kibby w/John datesRatcliff
Ratcliffe, Dorcas1859-1933Bowen Chapel
Ratcliffe, Pete1869-1957Bowen Chapel

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